Hotel Reservations

We facilitate our clients’ stay with handling their hotel booking from beginning to end. We work within their budget and place them in the best hotels the city has to offer. We want our clients to enjoy their stay with the best comforts.

Fine Dining

Let us know what kind of food you’re into for the night and we will make you a reservation to a nice restaurant. All you will have to do is show up and enjoy your food.

Car Service

We offer different private car services to give our clients a safe journey. Whether they want to book it for a whole day or couple hours, we will fit their needs. Now cruise to the city in style with your private car service.

Event Planning

From planning to execution, we’ve got your event covered. We want to create moments that people will talk about and remember. We want our clients to see the world from a different point of view.

Personal Shopping

Whether our clients are looking for a special event attire or want to reinvent their look, we have the right service for them. We will assist them with all their shopping and consulting needs, help them find their styles and fashion choices, and the items that will enhance their look while matching their personal look. We want our clients to relax and enjoy the special service.